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Discretionary and Non-Discretionary PMS
Family Office
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We have satisfied most stringent wealth customers

On Premise / Cloud Deployment

Karan Bhagat

Founder, Managing Director and CEO, IIFL Wealth

“We are happy to be associated with Rupeelog. The team’s domain knowledge and ability to apply technology to create solutions has made their wealth management platform – Caliber, one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Their solutions help respond to fast changing market dynamics and regulatory changes.”

Nithin Kamat

Founder & CEO, Zerodha

“Working with the Caliber team has been a great experience. They have the necessary domain expertise, which makes customization easy. Here is wishing them all the very best.”


Caliber is India’s most comprehensive Wealth Management solution covering all aspects of wealth management from client on boarding to RM revenue calculation and everything in between.

Deep Domain Understanding

Caliber team has deep domain expertise and scans the environment for regulatory changes and change in business conditions

Accuracy & Automation

Caliber system is known to take care of extreme boundary conditions to ensure accuracy. Orchestrated process automation ensures that the system stays accurate and error free

Cutting Edge Technology

Caliber transitioned from a monolithic architecture to micro-service architecture to allow for much higher configurability and scalability. Caliber uses state of the art security protocol.

Our Products

Investment Plans

Core Wealth Management

Comprehensive Wealth Management proven with India’s Largest Wealth Manager ( AUM of 1.5 Lakh Crores+)

Financial Planning & Robo Advisory

Enterprise class financial planner covering all personal assets, exchange and OTC assets with smart advisory

Discretionary and Non Discretionary PMS

Catering to discretionary and non discretionary portfolio management with custody integration

Family Office

For managing held away assets with detailed advisor vise performance


Complete lending solution covering Loan Against Securities, Margin Trade Funding, IPO Funding, LAP, Promoter Funding and other loans.


One of the best research team covering the complete debt market (21000+ bonds) and equity research (fundamental and technical)

e OnBoarding

Easily onboard new customers with just a few clicks

Revenue and Incentive Management

Get granular level management of employee revenue and incentives and tackle implementation from multiple angles

Mobile App

Easy and quick mobile app integration with our state of the art Progreesive Web App architecture

Multi ARN/RIA Mode

Handle multiple ARNs or RIAs efficiently

Multi Tenant Offering

Manage multiple organizations in one server with independent customizations and functionalities. 


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